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Crawford Specialists Clinic

Our Crawford Specialist Clinic is located in Centre of Howick.

We offer an ear health/ear suction service by a qualified Ear Nurse Specialist. This service is done under a microscope and low-pressure suction technology. Our Ear Nurse is also ACC registered. The service includes removal of foreign objects, cerumen removal, ear infection/discharge, hearing loss and unsettled perforation.

We also have a comprehensive Mole Mapping clinic that will provide you with the most accurate melanoma and skin cancer detection / monitoring programme available.

Crawford Specialists, Howick, Auckland
Skin Check


Our comprehensive skin checks provide detailed thorough examination of your skin and moles.


An ear nurse is available to offer an ear wax removal service using a microscope and low-pressure suction.


Our mole analysis clinic allows a 95.5% accuracy detecting early signs of skin cancer providing peace of mind.


Cold liquid nitrogen is used with a cryospray gun or cotton tipped applicator to target a specific area of skin tissue.

Daniel Kim
Languages - English & Korean

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